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German Midwifery Association (DHV)

The German Midwifery Association (DHV) is the largest professional midwifery association in Germany.

DHV represents the interests of all midwives: employed and self-employed midwives, midwifery teachers,  scientists or researchers, family midwives, midwife-led care units as well as midwifery scholars and students.
Apart from representing the interests of their members, DHV's main concern is that women and their children receive suitable medical and social care from the beginning of pregnancy until the end of lactation period.

As a member of the European Midwives association (EMA), the Network of European Midwifery Regulators (NEMIR) and the International Confederation of Midwives (ICM), the association supports strengthening midwives' work, as well as the health of women and their families at the European and international level.

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